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July 11, 2018
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What is candlestick pattern?

What is candlestick chart pattern?

Answer:- In stock and Forex market ,the price movements of all time frame display by the technical tool in chart. that is called candle or bar .it shows open,high,low,close price.

In 18th century, Japanese rice trader Homma Munehisa created candlestick for trading & reading the chart and fundamental of market price movement.

Now a day, professional traders are trading by using technical analysis of the multiple candlestick pattern strategy.

I described basics,

Bullish and bearish candle:

Bullish candle or bar: Always close price is greater than open price.

Bearish Candle or bar: Always close price is lesser than open price.

The candle shows force of movement of any direction in the chart.it contains body and tails.

To learn more the different candlestick pattern and you can access in my trading course and E-book.

How candlestick works in the chart.one of my favorite candlestick Hammer or pin bar is working in the market .see this high probability set up and ensures to the professional trader.


The trade set up is high probability set up and see the price rejected at price level $23500 at support level and this candle formed the hammer or pin bar, which is popularly known as bullish pin bar .it make the price hike as profit target at the level $24754.2. you entry trade at flexible break up or limit order of hammer. Then you get amazing profit 1258 pips or approximate profit $12,580 at single standard lot. I am not using any indicator and this is most powerful strategy of my price action trading & advanced candlestick pattern course.

My course brings depth trading course of Price Action & Advanced candlestick pattern strategy. You can get powerful candlestick pattern strategy in my forex course, how advanced all multiple candlestick pattern behaves and acting in Forex trading. Register now for Gold membership and trade with mentorship.

Read and Learn my trading education and eliminate your trading mistake and imrove trading wining tactic ,practice in demo and after confident trade in real chart .

Thank you

Bidyadhar Sahoo


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