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July 11, 2018
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What is price action trading?

What is price action trading ?

Answer: -This is most powerful forex trading, where traders are using naked price chart. That means the price movements of all financial market generate the data in various time frame and display in chart. That is known as price chart.

Price action is trading in clean chart, sometimes support & resistance are used.

My favorite price action strategy or trading in naked chart.

  • Higher High Higher Low
  • Lower High Lower Low
  • Range Bound

You can trade in simple and discipline manner by using this strategy.

Higher High Higher Low:

Uptrend market is generally known as higher high higher low. Before going to this subject I teach about support and resistance.

Support: where market is repeat fall to stop.

Resistance: Where the market is repeat rise to stop.


Here support becomes new resistance and as well makes same pattern.

Example of EURUSD real chart HHHL:

Most important thing in the market, to find out the trend. This is to finding trend, so here you can easily observe, clean price action chart determines the uptrend movement. This is high probability trade.

Lower High Lower Low:

Generally down trend market is known as Lower high lower low.


Here resistance make new support and as well makes same pattern.

Example of real chart LHLL of AUD USD:

Here you find out ,trend and take high probability trade. It is easy and simple to determine.

Range Bound:

Range Bound market means movement of market price constantly vary from support to resistance and resistance to support.

Example of real chart:

This high probability, you can take more profit and many high probability trade set up there, easy trade set up and chart determine clean and price action acts the good and variation of market movement from support to resistance and vice versa.

These set up are my high probability set up.
These uptrend (Higher high and higher low) ,Down trend(lower high & lower low) and Range bound market are explained in real chart trading,you join my course,learn and trade in real market.daily trade set up and technical analysis on several my favorite major market are updated in my price action and advanced candlestick pattern course.

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