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July 27, 2018
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July 27, 2018
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Why do we prefer New York chart and MT4?

Why do we prefer New York chart and MT4?

Answer: As I know and sharing my knowledge, New York close chart is clean and real 5 days chart works 24 hrs. Most of the professional traders are used New York chart 5 pm EST. All session are close at same time.


Most reliable Forex brokers are providing New York chart. It is no messy and no clutter, because of 5 days price chart of week. you see here


Another 6 days chart has clutter due to Sunday bar. Each Sunday market is showing little candle in GMT close chart. Every broker can provide this GMT close chart. Here also many traders are trading. You see here.



As in my point of view and have experience in both price chart. I suggest you. New York close chart is best trading in price action.




It is called Meta Trader 4. MetaQuotes Software is developed a platform for online trading in Forex,cfd,future. Where we can get technical tools and trading resources to analysis price and the historical data, place trade and trade management, technical analysis.

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