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Why many people are interested to become a Forex trader?

In this article ,I am writing ,some of main reasons .why the people wants to trading ? Sometimes also the professional traders loss the money and it bad impact to the trading style. The important thing is that making MONEY consistently is best in trading as per their trading strategy.
Everybody knows trading is hard, we all know that by now. But so is anything else in life worthwhile.

Free from Financial problem:

Every one think to be free from financial freedom but here regarding trading is good and you can make money in forex trading at any corner of world and live comfortable at anywhere as you like in world. For this only you required laptop and good internet connection. You trade like professional trader, then it is possible to get freedom financially.

Spend more time with Family time:

You really can’t put a price on having more time with your family .So as a Forex trader you can give more time to family and spend at least 8 hours your children and spend time with your relationship and travel everywhere as you wish with your family.

No physical Labour:

You can trade in your home until you die and no physical labor.

Feel Freely:

Feel free as being a trader and make plan to travel to with their relationship and marketing without any financial problem. Travel to supermarket and movies, restaurants at any time with their plan freely.

You are the Badass:

Traders are people who are looking for a way out. A way out of the Matrix that is modern-day work. Who wants to spend the majority of their waking life working to make someone else more money than they make themselves? This is the mindset of a forex trader. He or she sees the world for what it really is and not some fairy tale that society wants them to believe.

Thus, to be a trader, you have to have a mindset that is different from the masses. you don’t care what other people think. Many people, when asked about trading, will simply pass it off as ‘too risky’ or something only an ‘elite’ group of people can excel it. These people are the masses, the ‘sheep’ who are happy to remain asleep inside of the Matrix. You however, you want to be a trader, which means you have the mentality of a badass ‘rock star’ who doesn’t accept the status quo of what society has to offer.

Free from-SLAVE -GRIND:

The life that being a full time trader would allow you to live is simply awesome. Sitting by the beach, relaxing, entering a trade occasionally throughout the month when you see a high-quality price action signal; not too bad.
However, even better than that, is simply not having to ‘report’ to work on time every day. Waking up at 6 in the morning to get ready to drive into a job you loathe is no one’s idea of fun. Being a full-time trader would allow you to escape this form of modern-day slavery. I firmly believe that the way we all go to work for 40 hours a week (or more), hunched over desks in windowless cubicles, is simply a new form of slavery. Trading provides the opportunity to escape this. It’s not easy of course, but at least it gives us a chance at real, true freedom.

You understand better life & make your own choice:

As being a full time forex trader, trade with trading plan and journal with price action strategy. It is better to make money. But you have the time you can plan your own choice and schedule to do extra activity to make happy life and better understand the spending life with family and friends without financial problem.

To become a professional trader,to read my price action trading and advanced candlestick pattern course.


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